Clipping Fido’s Nails at Home

How long are your puppy’s nails right now? It’s important that Fido’s claws aren’t allowed to grow too long, because they can fracture painfully and make walking difficult. Luckily, you can probably clip your dog’s nails at home. Below, your vets Louisville, KY tells you how. 

Get the right tools.

Get a set of canine-specific nail trimmers (never use clippers made for humans or other animals!), a styptic powder or pen, and a few delicious dog treats. Now, sit down with your pooch in a well-lit area to begin.

Snip the tips.

Select a paw to start with and focus on one nail. Snip the very tip of the nail with your clippers; you’re just trying to blunt it, so you don’t need to clip far. If you go too far down the nail, you’ll cause bleeding—this is where your styptic powder comes in. Let your vet know if you can’t get the bleeding to stop.

Repeat and reward.

As your dog gets more comfortable, move around to the other nails on that paw, and then the other paws. Reward your dog as you go.

If you need help with nail trims, call your veterinary clinic Louisville, KY right away.