How Dog Ownership Can Be Great for Your Health

Dogs aren’t just full of unconditional love and unwavering loyalty. They can also benefit your personal health! Learn how as your veterinarians Virginia Beach, VA tells you more about the health benefits of dogs. 

Less Stress

Pet owners are, on the whole, less stressed than non-pet owners. Most likely, the reason for this is because having a trusted confidant at home, and a happy presence nearby at all times, is good for your mental health. And caring for something else never hurts, either. 

Regular Exercise

Just about every dog needs regular walks, as well as fun play sessions. This is as healthy for you as it is for your dog! You’re burning calories on those walks, too, and regular exercise is important for the both of you. 

Better Heart Health

Probably because of a combination of good exercise and lower stress levels, dog owners tend to have better heart health than people who don’t own dogs. Dog ownership can actually improve your blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels! Who knew? 

Does your beloved canine companion need medical attention? That’s where we come in. Call your animal hospital Virginia Beach, VA to make an office appointment and have your dog examined.