Treating Your Dog’s Storm Anxiety

Does your dog get frightened when a thunderstorm rolls in? They’re not alone. Many of our canine companions aren’t fond of storms. Here, your pet clinic New Orleans, LA tells you how to combat the problem and help your pet feel more comfortable. 

Distract your pup.

This one works mostly for young puppies, but it can work for some older dogs, too. And it’s as simple as distracting them—play with a fun dog toy or start a game of fetch when you notice a storm brewing. With any luck, your pup won’t even notice the bad weather! 

Try a thunder jacket. 

Browse the selection of storm-anxiety products at your local pet store. Thunder jackets are very popular; these items wrap snugly around your dog to help them feel secure. Ask your vet for a recommendation on other products that might make a difference. 

Ask your vet about medication.

For dogs with severe storm anxiety, medication might be helpful. Consult your vet to find out if your dog would benefit from an anxiety medication regimen.

Want to learn more about your dog’s behavior? Need to make an office appointment? Call your vet clinic New Orleans, LA today. We’re always here to help!