Why is My Dog Eating Grass?

Have you ever seen your canine companion munch on grass? It’s not uncommon. The question is, why do dogs do this, and is it safe? Learn more here from vets Washington DC. 

Why do dogs eat grass?

A dog might eat grass for a variety of reasons. Some believe they eat it when they have an upset stomach, perhaps to relieve gas or make themselves throw up. Dogs might also eat grass simply because they like the texture or taste. There are medical reasons, too—dogs might eat grass because of a nutritional deficiency or a parasitic infestation. 

Can eating grass be harmful?

Grass could be treated with fertilizer or pesticides, so it’s not necessarily safe to let your dog eat it. Your dog could also chow down on a dangerous mushroom or ingest a small object, like pebbles or twigs, that they shouldn’t eat. 

Should I let my dog eat grass? 

Play it safe and keep your dog from eating grass whenever you can. It’s simply not worth the risk! And if you suspect a medical problem, let your vet know right away.

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