Readying Your Pet’s Emergency Kit

Emergencies can strike at a moment’s notice—that’s what makes them frightening. The best course of action is to be prepared. When it comes to your pet, an emergency kit is an answer. Your pet clinic Gresham, OR tells you what to include below: 

First-Aid Essentials

Be sure to pack first-aid supplies in the event that your pet gets injured. It can make all the difference before you’re able to get them to the vet’s office! Include gauze, medical tape, a disinfectant solution, a styptic pen or powder, scissors, tweezers, a nail clipper made for dogs, and a few soft towels. 

Medical Documentation

Pack your pet’s medical records—proof of ownership, proof of vaccinations, records of any recent medical procedures—in a waterproof plastic bag. These documents can prove lifesaving if you need to evacuate and visit an unfamiliar vet’s office or shelter. 

Long-Term Supplies

It’s possible for a natural disaster or man-made event to force you and your pet away from home for an extended period. Pack a pet bug-out bag complete with canned food and a can opener, water bottles, food and water dishes, a leash, pet bed, soft blanket, and a favorite toy.

Call your veterinarians Gresham, OR for more advice.