How Playtime Benefits Your Canine Companion

Almost every dog loves to play. And it’s no wonder why—playtime is your dog’s main way of having fun! What’s great about playtime is that it’s also good for your dog’s health. Learn how below from a veterinarians Marietta, GA: 

It doubles as exercise. 

A dog who plays regularly is getting exercised regularly. And that’s good for your dog’s health in multiple ways. It helps Fido stay trim and avoid obesity, it stretches out the muscles, it keeps joints and tendons limber… the benefits go on. 

It gives your dog mental stimulation.

Play is also very important for keeping your dog’s mind stimulated. Dogs who don’t play often and are stuck cooped up inside all day tend to act out in undesirable ways—house soiling, aggression toward owners or other pets, chewing, digging, scratching, and loud vocalizations among them.

It strengthens your bond.

Another great thing about play is that it gives you and your dog a chance to bond. Your relationship is important, and it’s essential that you nurture the bond you share. Playtime is the perfect way to do that! 

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