Why Spaying and Neutering is So Essential

Has your pet been spayed or neutered? It’s one of the best things you’ll ever do for them. This simple surgery has multiple benefits! Learn more below as a pet clinic Middletown, DE tells you why spaying and neutering are essential for your pet.

Health Benefits

A pet who has been spayed or neutered is at virtually no risk for genital cancer, and the risk of other cancers like prostate and breast cancer is greatly minimized. And common ailments like UTIs are far less likely to occur in pets who have had the procedure done.

Behavior Improvements

The surgery doesn’t make your pet a perfect angel, but it can greatly improve certain undesirable behaviors like spraying, aggression, escape attempts, chewing, digging, and loud vocalizations. 

The Bigger Picture

Millions of pets around the world go homeless or must be euthanized every year, because there are too many pets to be taken in. Don’t contribute to the problem by allowing your pet to breed. Having pets spayed or neutered early on in life prevents unplanned litters and helps to control the homeless pet population. 

Want to learn more about spaying and neutering? Contact your veterinary clinic Middletown, DE to speak to the professionals.